A bit of a fun day.

Today I got to do some lead climbing in northern California. Took one decent fall and pushed myself a good amount. I deffinetly am out of shape for climbing. My wrist and for arms are very sore.

Here is a couple pics from the adventure:


Me after I anchored in. 5.9b


The view from above. 


A funky anchor set. The weird bean was on the right because of a different weird ring that was in the chain link above it and would have tore the crap out of my rope. Made me nervous.


My first and favorite pair of shoes. Last time I went climbing out here I dropped on moving to a new rout and lost it. I was super pissed that I could not find it. I left a note at the bottom and 3 weeks later a women emailed me saying she found it. So crazy , god is funny like that. He restores even the little things.

They are my favorite and first pair of shoes I ever got. Will wear then till they fall off.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Be safe out there.


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