Memories – the lens we remember experiences.

I have been thinking and processing memories lately. Like how they are created. Why certain things become fonder or more depressing than others. How such little things get grafted into your being as so important.

My fondest memories from growing up arnt the ones most polished, planed or even exciting. Like when I went to Disneyland or SeaWorld or back east for vacation. It seems as though the trully most important moments of our lives are the simplest and the ones most easy passed by and wasted. As if God was showing us how to value life and his creation through what we remember most vividly weather good or bad. Some of my most incredable memories are based around such dumb things. Like I love all he times me and my dad went and go camping together and when he taught me to ride my bike but I remember most is things like when my sick friend came over when I was 6 and my mom made us waffles. Or getting shocked my 110volts for the first time and seeing the I told you so face non my dad as he explained what can happen when you grab it with both hands. I gained such a love for gruesome stories after him telling me of crazy freak stuff that happened on the job or to people he knew. Now I love here stories of rescue like Aaron rolstens in 127 hours. (Great movie)

But memories cannot be forcefully created as if you go today I’m going to make a memory that will last forever, its possible to do so but in my experience its best to live that as a lifestyle instead of an instance.

Memories are created continuously and its important to realise the significance of the simple and the moment of least importance. More and more I realise something has the ability to change our lives when we allow it to or, in other words give it the ability to and trust that it will and is changing us. The scary part is that works positively and negatively. That’s why I believe the concept of relative truth comes from. Its not that truth is relative but that whatever we choose to believe becomes truth in our lives and shows itself as truth in our lives backing the very belief weather or not it is accually truth. Truth stems from something greater and its aligning ourselves to that greater that will allow us to understand what is true and to stray us from believing lies as truth.

Memories create and help build what is truth in our lives. The good and bad, right and wrong of our lives are continually being shifted and molded by our experiences and how we view them. A memory then I guess would be that very thing.The way in which we view the experiences that take place in our lives.

Memories are the way in which we view our experiences”

If nothing else go after truth. Make memories and as zombieland teaches enjoy the little things. Even twinkies…actually no, never enjoy a Twinkie.

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