Prince George BC

     We drove from kamloops to prince George yesterday. Lost almost 2 hours going the wrong way. But decided to head up 97 instead of the 5 to save time.

     We could not find anything regarding the hot springs up here and since it was getting dark we just stopped at the first camping spot we saw which ended up being this cute rv park just outside of prince george. It was 25$ for a crappy spot next to the highway but we didn’t care because it was cheaper than a hotel.

     We are having a blast and are shooting for the the border of the Yukon by night fall. Wish us luck. My truck is running great but please be praying for safety and for my bike rack yo not fall off. (It sorta broke a little when putting the bikes back on at the border)

    We must be off now, until next time.

its a bright and sun shiny day, eh?


Rainbow. So glad the rain stopped.


Subset just about to get into Prince George


             Mili’s plant Howard.


Our feet, sitting on my truck above a rad view.


Me, my pipe and the head and the heart. (Good times)

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