Been going around – 2am

     I’ve been going around. Biking around and getting around town. Meet cool people and enjoy my day. Bring elderly women Gatorade and cliff bars. Wash towels and wipe down treadmills.

     Never knew I would have soon much fun and feel as if my dreams are coming true in such a simple way. My passion for people is growing imencly here. Herring people talk about there love for this town and now they would never live anywhere else brings joy to me. I haven’t heard that much. So often I here I wanna move here someday get out of this town or travel to these exotic places. And yes here is pretty exotic but even the locals who grew up here love it and generally don’t ever intend to leave.
     I want to start a coffee shop someday and my amazing girlfriend who jokingly throws ideas around blows my mind in regards to ingenious ideas and business plans. I feel this season here is huge for the creative and entrepreneur within me.

      I’m enjoying getting to know folks here and I may be joining a disc golf tournament this Saturday. Apparently the discers here are pretty intense. Played the 9 hole coarse with Tylar the other day and it was ruff but grand. Least better than the pathetic excuse for a coarse Sonora has. (No offense)
And there is as private 18 hole that has some par 5s I wanna hit up even though my throw is beyond off.

    I miss redding people a lot but I also and liking my new friends and roommates a ton.

-some thoughts at 2am.

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