I found a new friend.

       For the last 6 months in Redding I had been wanting to acquire and rebuild an older (70s or 80s) road bike into the now super popular fixes you see all the hipsters riding. They are quite fun to ride actually because of the high efficiency and connection to the bike.

     I found an old Centurion that is pretty rusted and thrashed. It struck me hard and I knew I wanted it. Through a good amount of drama I ended up having it given to me. I pulled everything but the crank and lower bracket because I had to order some tools for that. I love part tool tools they just make life easier.

     I plan to get all the rust and paint off and rebuild the forks and lower bracket. I’m going to try and save the front rim and lower bracket and therefore will only need to buy a rear flip flop and a front brake. Here goes to many hours orlf sanding and polishing.


The front metal logo of Centurion
Super classic.


That’s all of her. Super easy eh?


I laughed when I got this off.


The old sticker kit that would be amazing to keep if I could acquire a new one.

– I will update during various stages of my rebuild and construction.


Eric Dean thee one and only.

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