I found a new friend part 2

     I have been putting a gift good amount of time on it. I had to order special tools from park tool. (A universal crank puller and a lower bracket spanner.)

     So in the meantime I worked on getting the forks off. Which was a pain if I do say myself because the threads on them were rusted and stripped. Finally got those off then stared to sand the bigger sections. Today I began the fine sanding and grinding of rust off or the swing arm. Its starting to look better.

    Then around 3 my tools came and so I borrowed a 14 mm socket and a a blow torch to melt out the plastic. The plastic cap that covers the crank bolts ya they were sunburnt and when ibattemped to take them off they cracked into pieces leaving the crankbolts unable to screw out without the use of the torch. It all came out easier than. I thought and the threads were still relatively intact.

      Once the crank was off the lower bracket spanner was a heaven sent. I got stuck because at bone point it want coming out  but with the use of a crescent wrench the non sprocket side laxel cover screwed off. I forgot there would be loose bearings which began to shift when I pulled it off. Saved all of the greasy buggers and cleaned everything out. I was very surprised with how clean the Axel and internals were.

    I can’t wait to begin painting and figure out how to mount a 42 tooth sprocket onto that arm and desire if I am to keep the 27 in wheels or get new 26s which will then bring up the problem of either getting new forks if I can’t get an exstender for the front break to attach properly. So many options and possibilities I love it. Figuring out all this as I go is great and I’m greatly enjoying myself.

    If your reading this and have advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.  Enjoy.

Until next time.


                       Getting clean


                      The SR cranks.



                     Getting all shiny


                      Parts and stuff

Eric Dean thee one and only.

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