Pursuit of greatness

Pursuit of greatness – 9/27/2013 

Lately I have found it soo very easy to push standards of living upon people that I do not personally walk in. It’s much easier to condemn others than propel yourself into the way of life you hold those around you at.

Learning how to shift this heart of judgement into personal grown and beginning to see even clearer the odd and unique season God has me in. We tent to justify the hell or heaven we are in by saying it is part of Gods plan where very often they are just the reaping of what we have sown. Yes I believe that because Christ sowed once and for all, that we get to reap the harvest of a field we never planted but there must still be a healthy ability to face the consequences of your actions. Good and bad what happens to us is a mix between Gods grace, unchangeable chance and self consequence. Any and everything that happens to us comes from one of those 3, sometimes they blend together. Like when we begin to walk in our destiny the grace of God will magnify in our lives. But things like who our family are and where we were born are things that can never be changed. I believe that the person that can fully distinguish each of the three clearly in there life has wisdom well beyond his years. I long to have such clear discernment.

Wisdom is one of those things we all want but very few are willing to do what it takes to acquire it. Knowledge applied is my best definition of what wisdom is. To know a bunch of awesome stuff but just sit in your room or just use it to wow your friends is not wisdom. For me, moving through life and wanting to know what something was it was always easier to learn what it wasn’t. Very often through trail and error I learned now not to build I tree house or how note to stack wood. We learn very quickly and accurately from experience. The problem is, it can very often come back hard on us. We can be so blind to anything but our own opinion and have what we think and truth be so harshly blended together that all other experience is false, even blasphemous.

Greatness is something I and I think almost all of the world wants to be. But the problem is, especially in America is we want great service and quality, cheap. We cant have it all and somewhere along this road we have to choose. Will I pay the price to stand out in the crowd? Will I sell a cheaper product by lowering quality or environmental standards? I think that we vote with our money, our time, our energy. Everything we do votes for what we believe is right, good and allowed. We create the culture we live in and as V says in one of my favorite movies, “If you are looking for who to blame you need only look into a mirror.”

Our hearts are poured on onto the floor for the starving children in Africa or the sex slaves in Thailand let alone all of the pain and struggle in our own country. This world needs help and humans are a messy broken bunch but greatness can rise up but only if we want it too. I guess I can end this with and urge. I inquire that you pursue a life of self examination, looking into all aspects of ones life not for imperfections but for reality. Whatever the values you live your life by, whatever change you want to see in the world, cause the change within first. It will never be easy but it is needed and things that are worth doing usually are not easy in some aspect.


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