Jesus Jesus


Jesus Jesus 




Someday I would like to raise a family. Watch my child grow into a man. Watch as my little angel becomes a women. I have many many things I want to do in this life. I never want to not be going after new adventures and experiences. Life holds to much to just sit around and watch as time goes by.


When I sit I write, when I walk I talk and when I run I breath. Productivity has so vast a form sometimes. Writing is becoming more and more enjoyable as time goes on and as I become more acquainted with words. It is realty such a beautiful dance to be able to write well and I think I am just at the tip of a sword that is so under valued and even looked down upon as powerful. God separated humanity when we tried to build a bridge to heaven by destroying communication. Not be causing us mute but by simply giving us all different languages. Language barriers ,I believe, are some of the highest walls to get over. Dictatorships have always used literacy and language to isolate there prisoners they sheepishly call citizens.


My time here in Alaska has been very great but I would be lying if I said it was all rainbows and daisies. Upon coming here my desire and hunger for God, my savior was almost obsolete. That mixed with a lack of attending a church that has God moving through it so vastly as Bethel Church does I can say it has definitely been a struggle to build my relationship with my creator. Since friday, really since a couple weeks ago but mainly friday things have begun to drastically change. I am beginning to get a handle on the bronco that is my work and not be as stressed about getting everything done. The Bible has been appealing to me more than ever and my hunger to feel Christ flow through me is rising even faster than the Alaskan tide. By the way the tide is beginning to grow as window approaches, the waves crash much harder and with a wetsuit one could almost surf. Church today was exactly what I needed. My roommate lead worship and it was incredible because I always appreciated his voice (even though I may not always say it to his face). But watching, feeling and experiencing Gods loving presence flow through him as he, his sister and another friend of mine lead us in song was magnificent. Then the sermon, peached by this kids dad was perfectly in line to what the spirit was doing. He has some incredible wisdom that the Christians let alone the lost of this town need to here. In short all I can say is God is good and likes to bless his children. Thanks.


Some friends and I drove to Anchorage thursday to see Matt & Kim. A electronic pop duo that I have listened to off and on since first year at bethel. They were very fun and the show was honestly much more exciting than one would think. I stupidly wore a pleather jacket and was soo hot the whole time. There were probably about 300 people there which was a good turnout I thought for a thursday. There are not many bands that come to Alaska so that probably prayed a large role in the attendance as well. Portugal. The Man who are original from Wasilla, Ak are going to be playing a show at the same venue in November. Im very exited to see them (if I can make it in november).


My life here is grand and the future is looking even grander. Since I bought myself a macbook (I finally gave in) my entrepreneur side has been coming out. Wanting to move into business type things and and hopefully moving back to my hometown of Sonora by 2015 at the latest. Thanks for reading this service announcement updating you the reader on my life.



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