Our way of life

  1. with all beings and all things we shall be as relatives.


  1. Disturb the land no more than a dear would in passing through.


Today is the day of remembrance, of forgiveness. Yesterday is over, all the hurts, failures and sins. There gone. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to do about it?


My life has always drawn toward simplicity. Ever since I can remember I have not understood why we need so much. Why we need three cars, a 5 bedroom house, 4 tvs, 3 computers, and on and on and on. We, the modern world as we know it, is so good as excess. Our waste level is higher than ever and our ability to consume more powerful than any other of our increasing powers. We think we are so grand, that we are in full control of this planet, that we know what the earth is doing. The weather men realy just guess. When a natural disaster happens our true nature is reveled. I mean, we sned our used clothing to countries “in need” but in reality it is just an excuse to make us feel better about making new clothes. “better clothes”


I dont want to get carried away and you probably dont care. Either way, I think that simplicity at least in its most basic form causes us to focus on what really matters. Not get side tracked by the new fad or gadget. We can sit in silence, connect to the loving God that created us. I think everything that we made can and should glorify him but very often it is used as an instrument to lead us astray. Not quickly but over time. Over time we begin to read less and less, have something going on more and more. Spend alone time to let God work in our lives less and less. I have found even listening to worship music all the time can bread a disconnect. I think so much connection to all that is the world around least very little, if any, time for those that matter. Christ, our family, friends. Use this instruments to foster these relationship not create illusions of intimacy just because you saw what that friend from high-school ate for dinner.


Just like so many things in life this calls for moderation, for disipline. To be in love enough to say no to all the other options. This is one of the let downs of our modern generation but it is also one of its greatest strengths. At least for those that choose Him. What I mean is, that to be able to say no to all that is our world today is much harder and therefor requires a increased love to say yes. To say yes to the love that is love. The I am. The yesterday today and forever. Say yes to him. In the midst of the whirlwind say yes to Him.


Search for balance for truth, nay for wisdom. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. The answers are there, waiting for discovery.


Go and discover….you were created to

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