Merry Christmas from the Ocean

Walking around town at night is one of my favorite things to do our here in Alaska. Thats a good thing I enjoy it because it is almost always dark here now. It becomes light around 10:30 and sunset ends around 4:14 ish. Its quite frustrating really. By the time you decide to go out and do something it is already getting dark again. 

For the past month now I have not gotten a single good nights rest. I sleep 10-12 hours a night and always feel exosted. Up until the last couple of days I hadn’t realized what has been happening. I caught onto it yesterday but in short i came to realize I am very vitamin D deficient. I couldn’t fall asleep until 5am last night and so when I woke up at 1:30pm I went directly to the store and bought lots of vitamins. I have never been into vitamins but i figured i would give them a chance. I bought some vit D, melitonin and some organic once a day thing. Hopefully it will help but I have not noticed anything yet. 

My parents and I had our Christmas early this year and over skype. It was pretty great actually. I was becoming a little down seeing this this is the first year I have been away from my family and the majority of the people in my life that I love. 

After our Christmas celebration I needed to expel some energy, so i took a walk. Walks are not really in the realm of causing me to be tired but i made a point to walk through the deeper snow to at least raise my heart rate a little bit. I walked down to the beach and Instantly realized something was different. The tide was up and waves were big, really big. They were larger and louder than any waves I have ever seen. The white caps were crashes over and over again just feet from me. I panned to the left and saw a friend of mine in a Santa Suit over his wet suite about ready to head into the water on his yellow white water Kayak. By that time my hands were very cold too cold to take the beautiful scene that was before me in History with my little camera phone. 

Dang iphones dont work when your hangs are freezing. 

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