Canon…i gave in

For a very long time I have been intrigued my photos and the art of photography. The level of emotion and beauty they can dispel as well as the way personality can be portrayed through them. It is true of the over used phrase that is “A picture is work a thousand words.” Because of lack of funds I had put down my pursuit of the camera until recently I was able to purchase a new camera.

Only for the last couple of days have I been able to use this new piece of equipment but here is a few shots I have gotten so far. They Are of common things around Homer. I look forward to shooting more specific things as well as doing staged shots with friends. Lets see how they came out.


An Eagle I found eating out of a dumpster out on the spit. It is sad seeing such a majestic creature like this.



The leftovers of high tide




Sunrise at 10:30am December 28th













Main street






-Thank you for viewing.

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