Ice Cold

Even before I moved to Alaska I was expectant upon going ice climbing. It is a sport I have always wanted to try and one that I will most definitely do again. A couple great guys I have gotten to know took me out. We were on the beach the whole time with a good 20 min hike down to the climb. Because it was my first time I didnt lead anything and let them show me how it was done. 

It was a thrill even being out in the cold and watching them. Once they set the top rope bolts it was my turn. It was weird at first. I kept wanting to alternate my feet and use the outside like i was on a rock wall instead of using my toe spikes. The axes were also very weird trusting with your life. about halfway up the ice I noticed I could here the water running inside of the small waterfall. 

After a couple hours we had all messed around a lot and gotten plenty of climbs in and by that time the wind was picking up. It started to snow just as we began to head back along the beach. On the beach the wind and snow was almost unbearable but i was loving it all. Once we got back into the trees and making our trek back up through the gully to our car it was more peaceful and I could focus on where I was putting my feet in the deep snow. 

Over all I had a great time and want to get back on the ice soon…very soon. 








the tools of the trade



me tying in for a climb











the master at work.









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