things i have never done before

Everytime I do something for the first time the list of things I have never done become smaller. Everytime I here another story about a great kid gone bad it lowers my confidence of ever being great. Everytime I seek to see the beauty within my dought is settled. 

The list of things I have never done is diminishing. A few still on the list are sky diving and windsurfing as well as surfing in general. I realy havnt ever been a big fan or water and all that. I mean i drink it and Ill swim in it but sports similar to surfing I have disliked more often than not. I have heard there is nothing like it. That its a rush none other can give. But I already have things I love so much that fill my passions. My desire for doing new things had almost vanished by a crave to become better at the things I already do, mainly climbing. I have been climbing at the gym 3-4 times a week plus doing my normal workouts 4-5 days a week. 

I think its a lot like music, I love it a lot but do not play any instruments and have barley ever considered trying to learn. It is something I admire out of many of my friends, the ability to awe a crowd by there voice and skill with an instrument. While I would rather be out someone pushing myself and seeing a sight few have ever wanted to see. There really is something special in seeing something and knowing very few have gone the distance to see it. Putting the miles behind your feet and paying the price to experience that which only few have. I become torn with this because I also have a strong desire for photography but the idea of taking pictures of things that took me hours to get to are on one side amazing but on the other somewhat cheating for the viewer. If pictures are worth a thousand words but pictures don’t do the sight justice should you take the shot or not?  

I think there is a balance here because creativity is mainly designed to be shared but what if sharing destroys and takes away what the experience creates. Like how often a book turned into a movie is so lacking compared to the book. Or even with God, He shares things with me that are not to be shared with anyone ever and other times He calls me to share. That in those times I do share those secret times between us the greatness of what God had for that time is diminished so greatly. It would be like seeing a picture of the yosemite valley but never get to walk up and see it with your own eyes. How lacking would that picture be? And the picture enters into its full potential only after you have been there because it brings into fruition what it felt like to be there all those years before. SO i guess i answered my own question and taking picture of sights I have seen to enhance and or bring back the memory of experiencing the place. And to think about it, it is the same with people who we love who have left this place. We see there pictures and cry because it reminds you of your love for them that will never be able to be fully experienced again. 

I think I will end with that. Sound good? you dont realy have a choice, so until next time. 


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